I Don’t Know Much —

I Am Afraid —

Dance Anyway —

May 13th, 2022 – Click to view (PDF) of “I Don’t Know Much. I Am Afraid. Dance Anyway.

each breath each cell thrums of constant

entanglement of both death and life

each moment is a body bedecked with limbs

this arm life, this leg death, this facet of the moment

something wholly both

a head of a faun on the bar wall

rats in the gutter while people dance in and out

of doorways to the trumpet the trombone the snare

snapping like a pulse

and the people, all of us a whole, dancing

in and out of doorways

we don’t have control of much

we are strangers but your friend is my neighbor

and not you and i have told each other of lost ones

we are friends we are limbs of the same whole

many facets, and we are not in control of much

i told your friend, our friend

maybe all we can do is observe

the greatest practice we can return to is be willing

to know to watch to see what is really there

no agenda to prove, just a practice of observation

perhaps love is just a wanting to see the truth

and accept things as they truly are

discoveries, transformation, salvation

doctors scientists parents lovers all named for the practice

of asking questions, the wanting to know the truth

holding compassion for all that we cannot control

surrendering to the dance

in and out of doors, i see how you move, i am not afraid

to hold you and to act quickly what ive seen

by Unkel “Sunny” Kunkel IG @dasurrealdeal

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