What is EMWRaP?

Perspectives on life and death from the ER

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This site was dreamed up by medical students and created by emergency medicine residents.

Mission Statement
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The EMWRaP Goal

Provide an anonymous, HIPAA-compliant space for to share our stories from the emergency room.

A Place to Read, Write and Share

The Process

(Step 1)
Remove all identifiers. Authors retain all rights to their work.

Editor Review
(Step 2)
All submissions are read and evaluated by our board of editors. Grammatical errors or spelling errors will be corrected, identifiers will be changed according to the EMWRaP.org algorithms.

Author Notification and Approval
(Step 3)
Prior to publication, authors will be notified of acceptance and will have the opportunity to review our suggested edits and anonymity modifications. Authors may accept or reject any of the changes with the exception of any identifiers that would compromise patient privacy or HIPAA-compliance. Authors must also sign and return a release form stating that they give permission for EMWRaP to publish their work. Author names will NOT be published on the EMWRaP website unless the work is already publicly accessible and has an author attribution in that source. Authors may request a certificate of publication from EMWRaP.

(Step 4)
Accepted works will be added to the publication queue and authors will be notified as to the publication date.

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