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Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Published May 8th, 2022

“Then, I can’t help it. I imagine the girl with long eyelashes and bright red pants on a harsh yellow backboard in the trauma bay. She’s telling a story right now, but my mind is flashing forward following silently as she walks to her car with her friend. A red Camaro maybe. They get in. Red and white. Red pants, white pants. Red nails, white iPhone. Red brake lights, white light from the stereo. Red lights, white airbags. Did she put her seat belt on? Please. Please say she wore it. Red blood on the salmon pink blankets, white bandages where EMS wrapped the bleeders. “

I Don’t Know Much —

I Am Afraid — Dance Anyway — May 13th, 2022 – Click to view (PDF) of “I Don’t Know Much. I Am Afraid. Dance Anyway.” each breath each cell thrums of constantentanglement of both death and lifeeach moment is a body bedecked with limbsthis arm life, this leg death, this facet of the momentsomething wholly…

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Cold Hands, Warm Heart (Secondhand Bruises, part 2) Published May 8th, 2022 “You’ve got cold hands, but a warm heart.”~A patient. Finally, the end of 2020. I am grateful for my dog, Aurelius, our friend group, named “Bacon” by yours truly in the group chat, my apartment, Wayne (my roommate), my truck. December 31, 2020…

Secondhand Bruises

April 25th, 2022 – Click to view (PDF) of “Secondhand Bruises” Tonight, meteorites slide across the sky like little shards of glass, melting into the darkness. There is pressure behind your eyes, your pupils dilating, straining to see any flash of movement. Standing alone in the desert on a moonless night, just you and the…

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